Whole Team Approach:

With over 80-years of experience, including Veterinarians, Ph.D.s and Pharmacists, our diverse R&D staff of scientists have backgrounds in Analytical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Engineering, Pharmaceutics & Biopharmaceutics, Toxicology and Pharmacokinetics.  In order to remain current and informed on new technology developments, we have a strong commitment to continuing education and training in alignment with our product development goals and activities. 

 At LLOYD, Inc. our approach to new product ideas, new technologies and process improvements is collaborative with a customer-focused purpose. We do this by encouraging open expression of ideas, co-development of processes and cross-functional evaluation of opportunities for new products or improvements to our current line.  Our desire is to develop and bring to market cost-effective ethical products for both our pharmaceutical and supplement lines in support of improving the health of humans and animals. 

Our Measure of Success: 

A successful product doesn’t happen by accident. A successful product arises through well executed planning and designing among multiple departments — marketing, R&D, quality, and manufacturing — all validated through market utilization and customer satisfaction. Our R&D team understands this concept. Supportive collaborations across each of the functions within our company enable the manufacturing of products that have been fully developed to match the specified product design goals. These efforts have resulted in developing 6 new animal drugs (NADA), 2 generic animal drugs (ANADA), and one new human drug (NDA).