Values & Principles

The following attributes are the philosophic goals of corporate operations.

Trust and Integrity

These creeds, above all others, are the most important principles of LLOYD, Inc.  Honesty and high ethics are mandatory in all operations.  They are the foundation of all values and principles which guide our planning and decision-making and with which we measure our progress.


Excellence, a corollary of honesty, is our constant tenet-in product value, production, research, laboratory procedures, advertising, and documents distributed inside and outside the Company.  Our "double-check" system was founded with the Company.


Science is valued above the status quo.  We continually strive to innovate and improve our products and all operations through testing, observing, and recording all results of experimentation.


We believe that consideration for the personal feelings and time of customers, inside and outside the Company, and other people are extensions of our primary code of ethics.  We respect laws of civilization, nature, and our environment, corporate property, and rules, and operational safety.  The importance of titles, academic degrees, and hard work is minimized when attitudes are negative or demeaning.


We believe that continuous learning-at home, at work, or in classes-is the basis of sound enrichment and progress in our personal and professional lives.  Our most valuable personnel have developed the aptitude for learning, teaching, and delegating.

Teamwork and Communications

Our Company exists because our people work collectively, not individually.  Teamwork is manifested by people working together toward clearly-communicated goals, showing respect for others' successes, and trusting others to do the right thing on a timely basis.  This requires each of us to assume ownership and accountability for actions within our control and to accept failures openly and successes humbly.

Quality of Life

We encourage participation in charitable and civic activities.  We support the compassionate needs of our team members to provide a balance of time for personal, family, spiritual, and health matters, while recognizing unusual and special needs of the Company, its customers, projects, and team commitments.