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Derma-Form Chewable Tablets

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Vitamin, Mineral, and Fatty Acid Supplement for Cats and Dogs


For use as a nutritional aid for healthy skin and dietary supplementation for mature dogs and cats.


  • Vitamin E and selenium, biological antioxidants and metabolic enzyme components
  • Zinc, a metabolic enzyme component for improved skin integrity
  • Biotin, a coenzyme in fatty acid biosynthesis
  • Essential fatty acids

Derma-Form nutritional supplements provide polyunsaturated fatty acids plus nutrients necessary for improving and maintaining coat and skin health in mature dogs and cats. Derma-Form is available in two forms for dosage flexibility.

LLOYD offers a complete line of quality nutritional supplements and research-proven drug dosage forms. These tablets are formulated in a palatable flavor base that is eagerly accepted by dogs and cats.

All LLOYD products are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines to assure consistency and are available through licensed veterinarians.

See What One Pet Owner Has to Say

"I have an 11 year old Border Collie mix dog who has taken your Geri-Form tablets for approximately a year now. Our Veterinarian introduced them to us. What a difference these pills have made in Miss Starr’s life. She’s like a puppy again. She runs, jumps, and plays happily again. She is so much more lively and energetic. Miss Starr is a cancer survivor, having had two operations and lost part of her paw. Thank you!"

Sincerely, Jeanette